Are you planning to throw a Baby Shower Party? We can help you! For any kind of celebrations regarding your baby, just make a list of your needs and favorite items from Deux Lapins and share it with your friends and family! They can select and buy what ever they like and either deliver to you or to bring it with them to your party! 

How do I do a list?

The only thing you need to do is to register yourself to our website with a username and a password then log in to site with those details. Under each and every product, you will see a heart icon, which helps you to add it your baby shower list. After you finish your list of favorites, you can share it with your friends and people around you with either via email or whats app or any other ways that are specified. You can track the updates about your list by logging into your account to see what has been sold and still available to buy! 

Sales and Information 

You can add whatever product you like to your list. There is no limit. Once a product is sold, it will be dropped from your list and will not be visible anymore, that means, you can add more again!


Any order or gift which is under 100 pounds will be sent with craft gift wrapping. Any order or gift which is above 100 pounds will be sent with our elegant, iconic design. Our boxes are safe to ship and come with high-quality design prints on the inside and outside. All gift wrapping service is handmade and done with mummy care and touch. Do not forget to add our sweet bunny themed Greeting Cards to your basket before you order your gift!


Your gifts are delivered with UPS to anywhere around the world. 

Lets start! 

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