Muslin Throw Pack of Two – Iconique Lapin and Endless Blue 100X100 cm

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With the light texture and 100 % cotton fabric, our muslins comfort your baby in all seasons. The it item in Deux Lapins collection, muslin throw, inspires stylish mommies with multi-functionality, different sizes, and especially with unique colors & patterns. In this pack you will find one solid color muslin with an accompanying pattern uniquely designed. Still you ask where we can use DL muslin throws then here are some suggestions; blanket, swaddle, bathrobe, drying cloth, sun shade, changing mat, playing mat and some numerous others. 100 cm X 100 cm muslin throws are ideal for swaddling 6-12 month old babies.Pack Content: Iconique Lapin 100X100 cm Throw / Swaddle and Cotton Grey 100X100 cm Throw / Swaddle . Deux Lapins multi packs are specially and elegantly designed, and if your order includes only the Deux Lapins multipacks, they will not be put in the DL special gift box. However if there are other items, excluding play mats, in the order then those will be delivered within the DL gift box.

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